3 Reasons to Turn Off Your Smartphone

Technology is awesome. It lets you communicate with your customers and your team from anywhere in the world. Technology simplifies your business and empowers you to expand your brand in new ways.

But sometimes you need to unplug. For as many benefits as technology brings to the business world, it also brings challenges that can kill workflow, communication and office morale.

Keep reading to find out why putting down your smartphone can be the smartest business decision you’ll ever make.

Your Smartphone is Killing Your Productivity.

put down your smartphoneIt’s great to take your work with you wherever you go. Thanks to your smartphone, you can receive emails, texts and other types of messages if you’re travelling or out of the office for a meeting.

The drawback is that you’ll also receive notifications when you’re trying to focus on an important task. Those messages and phone calls distract you from doing your job. Let’s say you are trying to write an important business proposal. You get an email. You stop to read it. You respond to it. Then you go back to writing, but you forget your thought process and now you need to spend time recollecting your thoughts. Then you get a text. You read it and respond. Again, you go back to your proposal, but you’re still thinking about that text and how it will impact the rest of your day. Your focus is gone and you’ve spent 30 minutes getting absolutely no where with your proposal.

Smartphone interruption is even more dangerous if you work in finance. Those interruptions can cause you to make little errors that result in big business mistakes.

The solution: Turn off your notifications on your phone and your computer. Put your phone on silent. Give yourself a block of uninterrupted time where you can give all of your attention to your work. Likewise, set aside time to respond to emails and other messages. It will take discipline, but you can do it.

Your Smartphone is Making You Anxious

The need to be constantly connected and respond to all messages as soon as they arrive has the potential to make you extremely anxious. We live in a world where “as soon as possible” now translates to “immediately.”

If someone doesn’t respond to our inquiry immediately, we get nervous. If we don’t respond to an inquiry immediately we get anxious. The business world is stressful enough, we don’t need the “everything is an emergency” attitude adding to it.

The solution: We all need to take a step back and understand that it’s okay if we don’t send/receive an immediate response. Like we said above, set aside time for returning messages. Your productivity and your blood pressure will be better for it.

Your Smartphone is Keeping You Up at Night

If constant connection to technology stresses you out during the day, imagine the impact that has on your sleep cycle. Studies have shown that answering emails and using your smartphone or tablet late at night prevents you from relaxing and achieving restful sleep. Not only that, but many devices emit a blue light that decreases melatonin, which is essential for sleep.

You may think working late into the night or catching up on a few emails before bed makes you more productive, but you’d be wrong. Sleep is vital to your productivity. If you aren’t sleeping then you won’t be productive.

The solution: Stop working at least 2 hours before bed. Read a book or spend time with your family. Give yourself time to decompress and rejuvenate so that you can be at your best the following day.

Do you think your smartphone interferes with your productivity? Let us know in the comments.

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