Our 5 Favorite Apps of the Year

Both new apps and old favorites top our list of our 5 favorite apps of the year for entrepreneurs.

Let’s get started!


evernote setEvernote always makes everyone’s “best of” app lists and there’s a good reason why.

The powerful productivity tool gets better and better every year. This year, the company branched out offering physical products effectively creating a productivity ecosystem for their customer base.

The app is the perfect way to manage all of your information across a variety of platforms so that you always have everything you need. Whether you’re snipping content from the web or making to-do lists, this app is a must have and one of our favorite apps of the year.


You don’t have to be from Pittsburgh to have heard about Duolingo. This language app is making major waves everywhere. In fact, Apple named it App of the Year. The groundbreaking app helps you learn Spanish, Italian, French, English, German and Portuguese – with other languages on the way soon.  This app is so cool that it’s been scientifically proven to be more effective than university language courses. So if you want to learn a language this year, don’t opt for Rosetta Stone or bother signing up for a language course – just download Duolingo.


mynd calendarThis app recommendation comes from yours truly and our very own Dan Seitam. Mynd is an iOS app, but if you’ve ever used Windows Phone then the interface will look familiar. This isn’t a bad thing however, as it makes the app visually interesting and sets it apart from others on the market.

Mynd syncs across all of your calendars – iOS, Outlook and Google for a seamless experience. It also connects with your LinkedIn profile and your Evernote profile for an even more productive experience.

It has three view options: The tile view (pictured right), a list view, and a traditional day view.

Mynd is a smart calendar, so it tracks and adapts to your behavior, including helping you find directions and connecting you to the LinkedIn profiles of meeting attendees.


Let’s be honest, your inbox is out of hand. Mailbox, owned by the people that brought you Dropbox, was designed for simplicity.

It’s best feature is that it allows you to schedule an email for later. Let’s say you get an email from a coworker. It’s important, but not something you need to address immediately. With Mailbox, you can set a reminder for later in the day or any time in the future so that you don’t forget to respond.


Currently available only in our backyard of Pittsburgh, NoWait is a double threat – making life easier for restaurants and diners alike.

For dinners, NoWait means no more fumbling with pagers or worse, making sure that you’re within earshot of the hostess so you can hear when she screams your name. You’ll receive a text when your table is ready. This also means that you don’t have to hang around the restaurant while you wait either. You can go shopping, walk around the city, etc…

For restaurants, NoWait is a powerful seating tool, allowing them to schedule tables and receive analytics on wait time and more.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

These are our top 5 favorite apps of the year. What apps make your list?

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