Full Service Advertising Agency

Did you know that by year 1928, Coca-Cola was spending $5 million dollars on advertising?

Or that Wrigley started an advertising campaign for its chewing gum in 1920 with only $32.

The statistic that hits home most with us at C-creative is that 63% of companies pick an advertising agency based on the agency’s understanding of your company’s direction.

And another 60% select their advertising partner because they offered something fresh and new.

C-creative Advertising Agency

At C-creative we aren’t just another advertising agency or media buying service. We look beyond the storytelling. Not that storytelling is a bad thing. Stories are useful ways to evoke emotion. But everyone tells stories. We don’t want your brand to get lost. We believe that the “idea” needs to be told, and to evolve. We aren’t just building a traditional ad, planning and placing it in the highest circulation. And we aren’t just hiring a copywriter for a new :30 second commercial. We have to take these traditional methods, and leverage technology in creative ways to get closer to capturing your target consumers.

Whether you are looking for a new web design, a social media manager or just need a social media business consultant to help you strategize for your next marketing plan, we can help.

Digital trends that bring you closer to the latest trends, and internet marketing best practices include: