CEO Engagement

A CXO engagement with a regional IT company that was in business for eight years, began with identifying strategy and operational efficiencies.  We worked side by side with the owners to get them positioned to either acquire or to be acquired as there was no exit strategy or succession plan defined.  Within the first 12 months of our engagement, their net profits exceeded their 8 years combined.   Over the next six months, we helped identify and secure a buyer, oversee contract negotiations, that ultimately would allow them to sell the company for at a much higher multiple than they had anticipated. We successfully were able to restructure the company without eliminating a lot of head count, which enabled productivity and efficiency.  Today, this (client) is owned by a global company.


 CFO and Strategy Engagement

An advanced technology company first hired C-leveled for CFO and strategy services.  Within the first 2 years, C-leveled aggressively worked with this company, doubling their revenue, doubling their profits, without doubling their headcount.  Today, this company is one of the largest innovators in the region.  With ongoing virtual CXO coaching, we continue to strategize with the client on a weekly call and direct the company as they continue to grow and exceed their expectations.


CMO Engagement

As an extension of their executive team, a marketing executive for C-leveled continues to develop channel partner marketing relationships – securing both partner funds and pipeline opportunities.  Located in five regions, this engagement is a virtual coaching engagement that has led to additional services such as brand development with a new website, social media marketing and management.  This advanced technology company has an ambitious growth and expansion plans over the next 12 months.