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Check out Pittsburgh’s hottest startups at tonight’s Tech Cocktail

Check out Pittsburghs hottest startups at tonights Tech Cocktail

Looking for something fun and different to do this evening? Tonight’s Tech Cocktail Pittsburgh Mixer and Startup Showcase at CAVO might be right up your alley!

Tech Cocktail is a national company that connects startup communities through fun networking events. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, tech enthusiast, or someone just looking for an exciting and engaging event, Tech Cocktail is a great chance to meet and chat with some of the smartest, most-motivated people in Pittsburgh’s Read more [...]

How to Use Snapchat for Business

How to Use Snapchat for BusinessWhat is Snapchat?
Launched in 2011, Snapchat is one of many photo messaging apps in the social ecosystem. However, Snapchat has a unique feature that’s caused app to skyrocket to popularity: The messages disappear seconds after they are opened.

The ephemeral nature of these “snaps” is so popular that 18.6% of all iPhone users are Snapchat users. That’s a big number when you consider how many iPhones there are in the world. This also doesn’t count the 50 million Android users who have installed Read more [...]

C-leveled’s “Be The Boss” Program in Pittsburgh Business Times

This spring, C-leveled started the “Be The Boss” program – where we work with 5th grade students at St. Edmund’s Academy to help them launch a business.  Each week c-leveled spends a few hours with the students and helps them refine their business ideas, build a business model and launch a product.

Check out this article in the Pittsburgh Business Times to learn more about the Be The Boss program and the companies that the students will be launching later this month.

Here is some additional Read more [...]

From Pittsburgh to the Moon – The NASA Space Apps Challenge Comes to Pittsburgh

C-leveled is pleased to support the next hackathon in Pittsburgh.  The NASA Space Apps Challenge is a 48-hour event that is taking place in 40 cities around the globe, including Pittsburgh.

In the same spirit of other civic hackathons, NASA is collaborating with other organizations and citizens who are interested in building solutions that contribute to space exploration.

The Pittsburgh Space Apps Challenge will stake place at TechShop Pittsburgh (located in Bakery Square) on Saturday April Read more [...]

Financial Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Startup

Financial Mistakes that Will Ruin Your StartupGreat ideas can launch a brand, but they can’t sustain a business. Here are financial mistakes to avoid if you want to run a sustainable startup.
You Funnel Money to the Wrong Demographic
You may have developed a game-changing product, but if your marketing dollars are being spent on the wrong demographic, you are making one of the biggest financial mistakes possible. Many marketing efforts (and startups) fail for this very reason.  It doesn’t matter how much you think you know your audience, Read more [...]

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