Coworking: The Secret to Productivity, Creativity and Success


You’ve probably heard the buzz that we’ve moved to a brand new office in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. We believe that amazing things happen when you put passionate, creative people in a room together, which is why we’re offering up part of our office space as a co-working environment.

What is a Coworking Environment?

Coworking spaces are the hottest thing right now. For a small renter’s fee, freelancers and entrepreneurs share office space while they work on individual projects.

Cowork spaces have obvious benefits.

  • Get out of your home and into a more professional setting.
  • Coworking is less expensive than renting an entire office for yourself or your small staff.
  • Increase your productivity by avoiding any household distractions – like the TV!
  • Hold in-person chats with fellow employees – great for the mobile team.
  • Conduct client meetings.
  • Coworking is great for the environment.
  • Coworking spaces contain zero micromanagers! An improvement over typical offices!

 Coworking Maximizes Creativity.

Our philosophy is that coworking is about more than sharing a water cooler and saving on overhead expenses.

Studies show that the biggest advantage to this new approach to work is the networking opportunities which sharing a space provides to the worker.

With the right mix of talent, passion and strong coffee, co-work spaces are a hub of free flowing creativity.

In fact, according to an article in Fast Company, 71% of coworkers experience an increase in creativity and 62% note an overall improvement in their work.

That’s why we think of cowork spaces as “cocreative” spaces.

  • They foster the concepts of openness and transparency.
  • Ideas (and people) come together to engender new solutions to problems, build new ventures and broaden relationships.
  • The focus is on collaboration and community, learning and productivity.

We think these aspects of a coworking environment are perfect for the blossoming Pittsburgh entrepreneurial community.  If you need to hash out a concept, undoubtedly, there will be a brilliant mind sitting next to you who would be more than happy to help you brainstorm.

Cowork with Us.

Positioned a few blocks from downtown and close to a variety of tech companies, our new office space adds another layer to the cowork concept.  We are taking the coworking and startup incubator concepts to the next level. Coworking in our new office gives you access to our bench of CxOs. You’ll have access to creative problem solving and professional guidance.

We believe in the innovative spirit of Pittsburgh. We know that our city contains a host of entrepreneurial talent. We want to foster and encourage that talent through our startup incubator and co-working environment.  Our hope is that innovators will bring their ideas and passion to our space. Come and cowork with us and together we will build the future of business.

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