Create an Awesome Company Culture

Everyone is talking about company culture, so much so that it’s becoming one of those buzzwords that you tune out because you’re tired of hearing about it. The fact is, if your team doesn’t work, your company doesn’t work.

Company Culture is about People.

Most people define company (or organizational) culture as “the values and practices shared by members of a group.” Yes, that’s part of it – but there’s more to it. Culture is not static and doesn’t adhere to a strict definition. You could have a great theory of how your company culture should work, but if you don’t put those values into action, your culture is meaningless.

Your company culture is defined by how your team weaves those values into their relationships with one another and how they bring those values into their daily tasks.

The Best Cultures are Agile and Open.

Just as the best businesses are agile, so are the best company cultures.

If you are type of person who says “This is the way we do it because this is the way it’s always been done,” then your team is dead in the water.

Be open to changing how your team interacts and functions. Listen and be responsive to their needs.

Rename meetings “brainstorming sessions.”

Language is powerful and this simple shift in words changes how everyone approaches “meetings.” Of course, you can’t just change the language. You must change how you run these sessions.

Adding interactive visuals to your meetings is more engaging than listening to people drone on about their plans.

We use a whiteboard in our office to facilitate a collaborative environment. You can also use kanban boards.

Whichever method you choose, encourage all of your team members to get up and put their ideas on the board. This further fosters the brainstorming environment.

Ditch Traditional Team Building Activities.

You can spend a lot of money on a team building coach. They’ll come into your office and do the same team building activities that you did in college during your freshman orientation.

Those methods weren’t interesting or effective when you were 18 and they aren’t interesting now.

If you’re familiar with our company, you know that we’re a relaxed bunch of interesting professionals. We take laid back approach to creating a positive company (and community) culture.

Simply put, we spend time together. Our Bloomfield office was, in part, designed with collaboration in mind. We have a bar and a beer tap so that we can host internal and external events.

In addition to team-centric hangouts, we host a #CNBSEEN event the third Thursday of every month. All business minded people from the Pittsburgh area are invited to join us for food, drinks and the chance to collaborate and schmooze with one another.

Our next #CNBSEEN event is next week! Register now if you haven’t already.

You may not have a beer tap or bar in your office, but all you need to do is remember that a positive company culture is built upon positive relationships, not forced interaction.

We’d love to hear your tips for building a great company culture. Share them in the comments.


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