Business Funding and Finance

Capital, equity and loans are the fuel for your business. Too much, and your business is likely not investing in its future. Too little, and you constrain the ability to grow and survive in the market. The C-leveled business management team understands these dynamics. We can assist you in determining your financing needs and implementing the proper internal structures to promote organic monetary growth that  attracts external capital so that your business has the fuel it needs.

Financial Services

The CFO and Controller functions are crucial to optimizing performance at any business development stage. They fundamentally contribute to the growth of your business. C-leveled can provide any entrepreneur with access to the financial talent and leadership required to elevate your company on the growth curve.

Business Funding

There are a multitude of factors to consider when thinking through your capital needs: debt vs. equity, managing your cap table, use of funds, the non-financial terms of a financing agreement and the governance constraints that outside funding imposes on your business. C-leveled helps to determine your business funding needs and helps to balance those needs with the realities of taking in outside capital.