Ideas Take Shape at Startup Weekend Pittsburgh.

This time next week, we’ll be at Startup Weekend Pittsburgh – the place where ideas take shape.  In honor of the event, we’re dedicating this blog to the journey of ideas.

Nothing Happens without Ideas.

Ideas change everything.

The cell phone. The internet. The automobile. Ice cream. Executives as a Service™.

These all started as ideas. They were nothing more than thoughts in someone’s head.

We know you have ideas. They might be just thoughts in your head or maybe you’ve scribbled them on a napkin or filled notebooks with your concepts.

You may have not shared your idea with anyone just yet. That’s okay. What’s important is that you’re thinking creatively. You’re generating ideas.

That’s the first step to becoming an entrepreneur.

You’ve Got to Give to Get.

Before you get the coveted label of “entrepreneur” or the even more coveted “innovator” or “disruptor” labels, you have to share your idea.

No, sharing it with your mom at the dinner table doesn’t count.

You’ve got to pitch your idea.

For many would-be entrepreneurs the pitch is what holds them back. You’re afraid of being laughed at. You’re afraid of being told your idea is old news. You’re afraid of failing.

Events like Startup Weekend Pittsburgh are the perfect place to move through that fear and muster up the courage to share your idea.

Bring Shape and Substance to Your Idea.

Ideas alone won’t conquer the world. You need to identify their commercial value. Ideas are abstract. You need to develop real-world strategies that bring your ideas to life.

This is what Startup Weekend is all about.

You and other attendees pitch your big idea (no existing businesses allowed) and then attendees vote for the top ideas.

startup weekend pittsburghTeams are formed around these ideas to refine, shape and develop the them in what has been called “the 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation.”

Sounds intense, right?

Well it is. But it’s also fun and informative.

It might sound like a pressure cooker and in some ways it is – but think of it like a pressure cooker of creativity, not a pressure cooker of stress. Startup Weekend Pittsburgh is where you get to let out all of that creativity that you’ve been hiding away.

You’ll be working with your peers and with coaches, including our very own Dan Seitam. All of the coaches are entrepreneurs in their own right. They’ve been in your shoes. They’ve pitched ideas to a room full of people. They’ve converted those ideas to successful businesses. In fact, many of them were pitching ideas at previous Startup Weekends.

Don’t think of the coaches as people you have to impress. Think of them as mentors.

They are there to help you flesh out your ideas. They know what you’re feeling and experiencing. More than that, they know how to get you and your idea where it needs to be to succeed.

In one weekend, they will collaborate with you to shape your idea into a business that you will then pitch to a group of judges on Sunday.

Startup and Learn.

Your idea may not get developed at Startup Weekend, but you won’t go away empty handed… or empty minded.

You will walk away armed with new skills about everything from the ideation process to business strategy and execution. Think of Startup Weekend Pittsburgh as your opportunity to troubleshoot, not just your idea, but your process, as well.

It’s an chance to collaborate with people from inside and outside your industry. Startup Weekend attracts idea generators from every field. Coders, artists, PR mavens and the business-minded all flock to the event. It’s an opportunity like no other to gain a fresh perspective. Sometimes, the best insight comes from people in completely different industries.

Are you ready to startup and learn? Then register for Startup Weekend Pittsburgh. The event opens at 6:30pm on Friday, October 18th.





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