You Might Not Know These Three Things about Marketing a New Product

product-word-cloudThis is the second of two articles about doing a product launch for your small business. Please refer to Five Things You Need to Know Before You Launch a Product for information on selecting your target market, product launch timing and setting product launch goals.

This article is all about marketing a new product and three things you can do to help make your launch a success.

Maintain Brand Consistency.

The marketing strategy for your product launch should work in conjunction with your existing small business sales strategy. If your new product is in line with your existing business objectives, much of your initial sales strategy research will be useful in planning your product launch marketing strategy.  Likewise, you will be able to use similar marketing and communications tactics when marketing a new product.

Do Something Special.

Remember that launching a product is a special event. While we encourage you to maintain brand consistency, your product launch marketing efforts need to showcase the freshness of your product. You never want things to feel like “the same old, same old” when you’re marketing a new product, especially if you’re marketing to the same customer base. You want to build a buzz and create excitement. Make sure you shake things up a bit.

Don’t Ignore the Internet!

The internet is probably the most powerful marketing tool that you have. It doesn’t matter if your product has nothing to do with the internet and your business functions solely in the physical retail space. You need the internet to launch a successful product. Make sure that your marketing strategy includes a lot of online sales tactics. The most efficient and cost-effective way for a small business to market a product launch is online.

Email marketing can give your product launch quite a bit of push. Using call to action graphics on your website that offer great deals for purchasing or sampling your product, and having those graphics lead to landing pages where someone can input their email address and other pertinent info, is a great way to capture email addresses of sales leads.

Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter pages are good for promoting your website and leading people to your special offers where, once again, you can capture their email address. Blogging is also a great way to draw attention for yourself and your product. Blogs help you build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Blogs give customers a chance to learn to trust you by exhibiting your knowledge of the industry you are in and sharing useful information that your customers need.

We know that launching a product isn’t easy and takes a lot of foresight and attention to detail. If you have a great idea that you want to make a reality, contact our team.

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