C-creative Marketing Agency

There is no function that is more misunderstood than Marketing in an SMB and the C-creative marketing agency team understands this. Marketing is more than just business cards and letterhead design. It’s about the vision of your company, positioning your brand for greater opportunities in the marketplace and an integrated plan for pricing, promoting and distributing your products and services.

A well-crafted Marketing Plan will specify your company’s marketing goals and objectives, a timeline for achievement and put forth a framework for measuring the success of the marketing efforts. Identifying these factors ensures that your marketing strategy optimally fulfills your customers’ needs, facilitates a better understanding of your competitors and enables you to respond to and leverage changes in the marketplace. The C-creative marketing agency is helping companies to plan, develop, launch and execute their company marketing plans.

So, is it a marketing strategy you need… or a marketing plan … the answer may be a little confusing.

The C-creative marketing agency team will help you understand the “what” before we dig into the  ”how.”

Strategic marketing is a planning process that seeks to establish a clear direction for all of your company’s marketing efforts.

What are you marketing? A product? Or a service that taps a specific consumer need?  Your marketing plan is how we are going to deliver your product or service to the target consumer.

C-creative Marketing Agency Process

Analyze — let’s analyze the needs of your potential customers, and take a look at your resources and capabilities, which may include funding and time.

Plan — we will conduct market research with a competitive analysis, and then use this planning stage to understand the price, and how to promote.

Implement – The implementation process involves launching the product or service into the market — C-leveled can help you identify the right mix of marketing tactics.

Measure — the marketing process involves identifying your ROI —  ways in which to measure the tactics you decide to use to promote the product or service you’re selling.  Customer satisfaction, your website traffic, and social media followers are great indicators of how well you are doing.

C-creative Marketing Tactics

Based on the assessment of your competitive analysis and business strengths, we might suggest any of these possible solutions to help launch your brand, or improve your market position.

Implementation is our selling factor.  We don’t take a back seat.  We will guide your business through the implementation of our work. We are true business partners who support our clients until the business objectives are met.

The C-creative marketing agency also offers the following:

  • Target market identification
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product, tools and advertising
  • Marketing budgeting
  • Location, geographic targeting
  • Pricing strategy
  • Promotional strategy
  • Multimedia and Creative strategy
  • Web & Social Media strategy

Remember, marketing is more than just business cards and letterhead design. It’s about the vision of your company, and positioning your brand for greater opportunities in the marketplace. Call the C-creative marketing agency today for a no-obligation  discussion about your business marketing needs!