Do You Look Like a Small Business Facebook Marketing Rookie?

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Does Your Small Business Facebook Page Look Professional?

A lot of small business owners, like yourself, don’t have the time to run high level social media campaigns. We’re pretty sure you don’t have time to read countless articles about the intricacies of the dos and don’ts of small business facebook pages. We’re also sure that feel like you can’t afford to hire someone to manage your brand page (although, if you need someone, we’ve got your back).

So, we thought “What’s the one piece of advice that we can give small business owners to keep their Facebook brand page looking professional?” We wanted to go beyond the basics of cover and profile photos.

We wanted to delve a little deeper into the one rookie small business Facebook mistake that we see again and again.

Can You Spot the Mistake in this Post?

We posted a sample of the most common mistake we see business owners make when posting to Facebook.

Facebook dont

Do you see the mistake? If not, we circled it below:

facebook dont highlight

We’re sure you’re thinking “Wait a minute, I don’t need the link? Of course I need the link! How will people get to my blog?”

Let’s dissect the anatomy of the Facebook post to explain why you don’t need to include the link in the comment part of your post:

facebook dont annotate

When you type a link into the status update box, Facebook immediately populates the post with an image and description of the article or page to which you are linking. This provides visual interest to your Facebook timeline, but it also serves as a link to the article. This means that you do not need to include the url in the comment portion of your post.

Many people worry that if they erase the url that they will be erasing the information below. This is not true. The visual link will remain after you have erased the text link from your post.

It’s true. We promise.

facebook do

See? No text link! We’re left with a clean looking comment and a dynamic image/link below. Nice, right?

Why Should You Care about a Link?

As we said earlier in this article, we know you aren’t an expert at everything, but we want you to look like you are! Your customers depend on you to be savvy about all aspects of your business, including marketing. Even rookie mistakes like this can leave some people questioning the potential of your brand, even if your industry has nothing to do with Facebook.

Remember this tip the next time you’re posting to your small business Facebook page and make sure you share it with your fellow business owners!

If you have any simple tips for brands using Facebook, please share in the comments. Feel free to ask us for advice, too!

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