Pittsburgh Hosts National Small Business Week on June 20th

pittsburgh_sbaYou already know that we are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to live their dreams. What you may not know is that we are equally as passionate about our community in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh might not yet be the first city everyone thinks of when they think of tech innovations or small business development, but we know that our city soon will be synonymous with those concepts. This community is thriving in so many ways. Sartups are on the rise and small businesses are expanding every day.

This growing community captured the attention of the Small Business Association, so much so that Pittsburgh has been chosen as one of the five host cities for National Small Business Week. This is a special honor for the community, as 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week. At C-leveled, we are completely engaged with the local small business community and know how much this event will enrich the lives and work of our fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In fact, the Pittsburgh small business community is so thrilled about being chosen as one of the five National Small Business Week host cities that the event has already sold out!

Entrepreneurs who attend the event will have the chance to hear C-leveled’s CEO Denise DeSimone chat about the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and how Pittsburgh has gone from a city that thrives on steel to a city that innovates technology and business.

A small business innovator herself, Denise has also empowered other local entrepreneurs to change the world by coaching them through the development of concepts, launching of products and the growth of established businesses.  A recent example and local success story is the team behind the software company PHRQL. The PHRQL team recently won the 2013 Data Design Diabetes Challenge – Prove It! for their Connect & Coach™ software.  Denise will discuss the impact stories like these have on the Pittsburgh community at her National Small Business Week forum.

We hope to see you at the Pittsburgh National Small Business Week event and if you missed registration, don’t worry, you can always get great advice from Denise right here on our blog!


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