What CES 2014 Says about Small Business Tech Trends

In case you missed any of the great gadgets demonstrated at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we’ve got our list of the tech trends that have the small business world talking.

Robots are Big in the ‘Burgh and Everywhere Else.

Sen.se's Mother tracks your fitness, health and behavior in an effort to simplify your life.

Recently, the Verge named Pittsburgh “Robot City” as a tribute to our shift from a steel city to one of innovation, namely robotics innovation.  Local robotics manufactures are doing everything from space robotics to advancements in prosthesis.

This direction bodes extremely well for our city because robots were a feature of CES 2014. Whether it’s robot toys, robots to clean your home or robots to watch your every move, this year’s CES has proven that robotics is one of the booming small business tech trends. The robotics industry is the place to be for entrepreneurs with engineering sensibilities.

Wearable Tech Is the Next Frontier.

Big business has yet to corner the market on wearable tech, which means this is one sphere that is ripe for small business innovation. Smartwatches, like Pebble (see video below), were big at CES, but there’s more to wearable tech than watches.

Wearable tech can help you improve your sports acumen, charge your cell phone in your jacket and, of course, keep track of your health. Large companies, like Sony, are testing and developing wearable technology now, but they have by no means perfected it. Now is the perfect time for tech-minded entrepreneurs to get in the game and create an industry changing device.

Apps Are Still the Star.

Most robots, wearable tech, TVs, phones and other gadgets that debuted at CES 2014 all had one thing in common: apps. Apps have been one of the biggest small business tech trends for quite some time and it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere.  If anything, the need for apps is on the rise thanks to new technology. The near future will see a rise in apps in cars, televisions and even household appliances, in addition to the burgeoning app ecosystems on our cell phones and tablets.

The Big Takeaway.

There was nothing earth shattering that came out of this year’s CES, but the event still spoke volumes about small business tech trends. Innovation in the wellness and lifestyle sectors is blossoming and will continue to do so. It’s a great time to develop an app or piece of technology that taps into society’s need to better itself. It’s also a great time to develop technology that simplifies life at home or at the office.

You might not be ready to build a robot, but you might have an idea for a great mobile app that you know will change people’s lives. If so, let us know how we can help you.



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