Top CRM Tools for Your Small Business

Small Business CRM Tools Reviewed

With small budgets and even smaller staff, small businesses rely heavily on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to keep them organized. CRM applications, many of which are cloud-based, gather data, automate outreach efforts and allow collaboration among team members. They increase efficiency and ensure that no opportunities, or clients, fall through the cracks.

There are many CRM tools from which a small business owner can choose. Below, we outline the top 3 tools that can help you optimize your productivity and drive sales.

Salesforce is the most common CRM tool and is managed via cloud, so there is zero software to download or manage. This feature allows users to manage projects no matter where they are or what computer they use. Salesforce is all about driving and tracking sales and in addition to the standard tools of tracking, forecasting and real time analytics, Salesforce has a feature called  Chatter, which tracks social media. The application also allows for mobile access and supports email and calendar integration.


social media communityInfusionsoft allows you to create and manage robust  e-mail marketing campaigns. While Infusionsoft does focus on automation, you have the opportunity to create a variety of responses based on customer behavior. It doesn’t just track e-mail, it takes all forms of customer contact, such as phone calls and even faxes, into consideration.  Infusionsoft elevates e-mail marketing to the next level, making it more personal thus building trust between your customer and your brand.


Batchbook is CRM management for the social media age. You can view a contact’s photos, blogs, tweets and other social posts all in one place. With this cloud-based program you can track your customers interests and experiences to create targeted marketing efforts to various demographics. It also keeps a communication history, so that you never have to worry about duplicating outreach efforts. Batchbook integrates with other small business apps, making it a great addition to your CRM arsenal.

Don’t spend your time wading through dozens of excel spreadsheets to manage your customer relationships. Although CRM tools can be an investment, the results definitely outweigh the cost. Not only do CRM applications save you time and increase productivity, they also reduce the frustration that can come with trying to manage these relationships on your own without targeted software support.

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