How to Use Snapchat for Business

What is Snapchat?

Launched in 2011, Snapchat is one of many photo messaging apps in the social ecosystem. However, Snapchat has a unique feature that’s caused app to skyrocket to popularity: The messages disappear seconds after they are opened.

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The ephemeral nature of these “snaps” is so popular that 18.6% of all iPhone users are Snapchat users. That’s a big number when you consider how many iPhones there are in the world. This also doesn’t count the 50 million Android users who have installed the app.

Messages can include a photo or video, as well as text, and the sender can choose a time limit for which the receiver can view the message – between 1 to 10 seconds.

In October of last year, Snapchat rolled out “Snapchat Stories,” which combine multiple snaps and stay visible for up to 24 hours.

Who Uses Snapchat?

Snapchat’s users are focused in the 13-25 demographic and are both male and female.

This makes Snapchat perfect for retail establishments that target a younger audience, like clothing stores, can share coupons and give sneak peaks of upcoming merchandise.

People of all ages use the app and restaurants like the popular 16 Handles franchise are taking advantage of its popularity to share mobile coupons and special offers.

How You Can Use Snapchat for Business.

Snapchat has a reputation for being a frivolous teen photo sharing mobile app (and even for being a naughty photo sharing app), but the limited-time nature of snaps make it the perfect app for brands. It adds a level of gamification to your business that will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Just one note before we get started with tips for using Snapchat for business: Make sure your Snapchat username reflects your brand and is easily searchable. If possible, avoid using numbers and abbreviations. If you need to abbreviate your name, make sure that it makes sense for the internet. For instance, if your brand is “Retail Business,” you wouldn’t want to abbreviate it to “RetailBis.” Choose “RetailBiz” instead.

Here are a few ways you can use Snapchat for business marketing and advertising:

1. Share Coupons and Special Offers.

This is the most popular option for brands, no matter your industry. Snapchat makes a customer feel like they must heed the call to action or they’ll miss out on the deal. This means that people are more likely to use a Snapchat offer than a clipped coupon.

3. Get Customer Participation.

Ask customers to share photos of themselves using your products or at your place of business. This will increase brand awareness and drive loyalty. Make sure you reward your customers for sharing.

4. Run Contests.

Elevate customer Snapchat participation by running a contest. Come up with a fun theme and then showcase all of the submissions in your Snapchat Stories and have customers vote for the best one. For example, let’s say you run a hair salon. Have your customers post pictures of their hairstyle of the day and then fellow customers will vote on their favorite. Reward the winner with a free salon visit.

5. Give People a Sneak Peak.

Give customers an advanced look at soon to be released products with Snapchat. You can even make this interactive by showing them a few options for products and having them vote on their favorite. Keep this simple, like having them help with product colors. If you’re in the restaurant business, you can showcase your daily specials via Snapchat.

6. Take People Behind the Curtain.

Everyone loves seeing what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite business. Show off office antics or let people peak inside your production line. Things like this remind customers that there are people behind the brand, which will builds customer trust and loyalty.

Remember that Snapchats are supposed to be fun, so keep your snaps light and even silly. Don’t think like a business, think like a brand – or better yet, think like a person – which is the real secret to a successful social media campaign.

For more advice on how you can run a successful social media campaign, contact us.

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