The Beginner’s Guide to Networking on LinkedIn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is arguably one of the top prospecting and business development tools available. It has helped salespeople get around the gatekeepers who once blocked their calls, letting them make direct contact with decision makers. That’s great, but just making contact is not enough. LinkedIn is much more than a high-tech rolodex. It’s… Read more »

Welcome to the C-lympics…

We’d like to welcome you to the C-lympics, where we split our office into 2 teams to partake in a series of “friendly” competitions. Our first challenge? To win your votes! Both teams took the time to create a team name, logo, and uniforms. Now, we want YOU to tell us which team you think will… Read more »

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard about Online Reviews

Today’s consumers are savvy shoppers who research, research, research. And most of that research is done online, before you ever get a chance to talk to your potential customer. Where’s one of the first places they’re looking for information? They’re checking out your online reviews. Consumers trust online reviews and treat them just like personal… Read more »

6 Myths About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become a necessity for businesses in recent years. When done right, it can be extremely effective. It’s a great way to expand your reach and talk to your customers. But social media can get a bad rap. Don’t let these six social media myths keep your business from kicking butt on… Read more »

How to Know if Your Marketing Efforts are Spread Too Thin

Every business that wants to grow efficiently will ultimately face the question of how they want to go about using marketing and branding services. Many companies, especially small or newer startups, try to do their marketing and branding all on their own. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you have the means and… Read more »