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Chris Barton, a pioneer in mobile app development, was trekking through the Himalayas when he heard an unfamiliar song. Wishing he had some way to identify the music, he went home frustrated, but full of ideas. Three years later, Shazam – the first and most famous song identifying app – was born. Today, Shazam has over 2 million active users per week.

C-leveled appreciates the little things in life, including mobile app development opportunities, because we know they can lead to greatness. We want to hear about your Shazam. Partner with us today on your mobile app development project. We’ve got the resources you need to help design, create and sell your mobile app.

Our wide ranging services in mobile application development include:

Mobile App Development Strategy

We will work with you to define your mobile app development business requirements and provide you with the right product. We marry our experience with the mobile technology and development environment and our marketing and branding capabilities to architect the right solution for your business.

Mobile App Design

Design is one of the most important components of a mobile app’s success. Our creative design team will custom create an enticing, user friendly interface to deliver your business.

Mobile App Development and Quality Assurance

We have a highly capable and experienced mobile application development team.  We have successfully developed numerous mobile apps for a variety of business types leveraging all of the latest tools, systems, and technologies.   Quality is key in the highly competitive mobile app development space. Our QA team conducts rigorous reviews and testing to ensure every app we develop is bug-free and runs smoothly. Our QA approach is not only geared towards detecting problems but also to UI and workflow improvement.

Mobile App Deployment and Maintenance

Mobile app deployment is a delicate process where a single error can get your app rejected. That’s why we provide a unique set of  services in app deployment  to ensure your app is deployed swiftly.  We work with our customers through the mobile app development life-cycle of changes to ensure that your app is updated on-time and runs well on all targeted devices and platforms.

Web  App Development

Long gone are the days when traditional systems were used for doing business. In most cases, web applications are the primary business delivery platforms used today.  A properly designed web app can drive your business, a poorly designed one can drive your business…in the wrong direction or even turn your customers away.  Web apps are not only outward facing, but can be quickly developed and deployed within your organization to make your business more efficient, effective, and nimble.  Real-time access to information provides businesses with the competitive edge needed in the today’s fast paced on-demand world.

A good web app requires intense planning to ensure all elements exist in harmony to deliver your business and scale with it as your business grows.  Key elements include the front-end pieces of web app development e.g., graphics, icons, page layout, user interface elements, and workflow.  On the back-end key elements include security, data storage, communication protocols, and redundancy.

These two sides to your web app development (the ones you see and the ones you don’t) are of equal importance.  C-leveled’s unique capabilities in understanding business first coupled with our web app development expertise ensures that the web app we help you build meets all your business objectives quickly, cost-effectively, with growth in mind.

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