Author: Abby Kougher

Strategic Marketing | February 20, 2020

How Social Media Plays a Role In Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing toolkit to enhance your strategic marketing campaigns. With the right content, social media is a fantastic...

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Strategic Marketing | December 19, 2019

How to Bring Inbound Marketing In-House

Businesses today are increasingly adopting inbound marketing as their primary strategy for finding better prospects. Using highly-personalized messages to engage customers not only results in increased sales and greater brand...

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Advertising | July 25, 2019

How Does Instagram Advertising Differ from Other Platforms?

Social media advertising is a great way to reach target markets and meet your consumers (new and existing) where they are. With the multitude of platforms available for social advertising,...

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Advertising | July 17, 2019

The Impact of Social Media on Advertising Strategies

Americans spend almost a full day—23.6 hours—online per week, spending most of that time on social media (Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram lead the way in user numbers). With advertising spending...

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Advertising | July 11, 2019

How E-commerce Advertising Can Help Grow Store Sales

E-commerce advertising means you don’t have to solely rely on bricks and mortar to bring customers into your business. With the right strategies and the right implementation, you can effectively...

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Advertising | June 25, 2019

Brand Advertising: Establish Credibility and Boost Conversions

Often, business owners base their advertising strategy around the benefits of their products. But that approach isn’t always the best. Your business could have the best product on the market,...

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