Author: Kevin Hein

Social Media | July 7, 2020

How to Use Snapchat for Business Growth

Many businesses have confusion about whether they can use Snapchat for business growth. The answer is ‘yes’ –there are over 300 million active users that use Snapchat every month. Hence,...

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Strategic Marketing | March 5, 2020

Who Is Getting Strategic Marketing Right–and How?

Businesses can experience a significant advantage over the competition if they create and implement strategic marketing plans that are specifically built to reach a broader audience, find better leads, and...

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Strategic Marketing | January 28, 2020

Top Digital Marketing Tips, Trends, and Tricks

With more than 4 billion worldwide internet users and about 3.4 billion people using social media across the globe, it's fair to say that no business can afford to miss out on...

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