Author: Leo Bauerlein

Strategic Marketing | January 9, 2020

Why Inbound Marketing Works

Modern-day marketing means you can't just create a website and wait for the traffic to pour in and the sales to go through the roof. Instead, you have to invest...

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Advertising | July 19, 2019

History of Advertising: How Has Advertising Changed Over Time?

You only have to pull out your smartphone and do a quick search on “the printing press” to get an idea (in seconds) of how much and how far technology...

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Advertising | June 18, 2019

Advertising Statistics and Facts: How Effective Is It?

Try and think back to a day where you weren’t exposed to advertising. It's hard, isn't it? We're bombarded with ads on a near constant basis. With so much advertising...

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Branding | February 14, 2019

Recent Examples of Successful Rebrands

Being on the edge of a rebrand is like standing on the edge of a cliff, wondering if there will be rocks amid the waves below. Of course it is...

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