Featured | October 15, 2018

Tell Me a Story: The Importance of Your Business Story

Hollywood grosses around $10 billion every year without breaking a sweat. This is because people love stories. While your business might not be jumping from a military jet, wearing spandex, or carrying a lightsaber, it still has a compelling story that, told well, will capture an audience. Unfortunately, your business is one of millions in the world. In 2003 there were over 19M businesses in the US. In 2017 the number of businesses shot up...

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Privacy | June 6, 2018

GDPR is in effect. Now what?

This article is based on our research and is not intended to provide or replace legal advice. By now you may have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...

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Strategy | May 22, 2018

Does B2B need to act like Amazon?

Let’s face it, Amazon has changed everything. It has made things like researching a purchase, tracking an order and getting answers quickly (to even the most mundane questions) routine. Obviously...

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