Branding Pittsburgh

Building Equity with Branding

Think of the places and things you frequently spend money on. How deep is your loyalty to these brands? Does it cause you to pay a small fortune for your daily coffee? Do you forego less-crowded shopping opportunities to stand in line at your favorite store? Drive extra distances? Spend more money on an item when you can easily get it cheaper from someone else? Branding is what drives all of your answers to these questions.

Brands are like security blankets for consumers. If you can build trust in your brand, you have achieved sales gold. The value associated with your name and reputation is known as brand equity.

Building and keeping a customer base that is loyal to your brand is important to long-term success. For this reason, the investment you make in building a strong brand is well worth the return.

Packaging Your Business for Success Through Branding

We have been successfully branding Pittsburgh businesses for many years. C-leveled provides a fresh approach to strategic brand-building and creative promotions. Our branding techniques make sure your brand is always engaging, on-target, consistent, relevant and flexible enough to take you into the future.

Our creative services include:

  • Corporate identity, including presentation format, visual elements and usage guidelines
  • Collateral design, copy editing and production
  • Conceptualizing, design, production of annual reports, capability brochures and catalogs
  • Advertising/direct mail concepts, design, copywriting  and media research/placement
  • Package and product design
  • Photo design, direction and digital editing
  • Website design and direction
  • Outbound direct lead-generation campaigns and tracking
  • Trade show display design and signage
  • Sales promotional tools and presentation elements
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