Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Utilizing reliable business intelligence and out-thinking your competition has never been more critical to small business performance than it is today. The challenge is to cut through the noise of big data and obtain real, targeted business performance data. You want business intelligence that not only illustrates your business performance but that also shows how you stack up against your competition, on the national and local levels. C-leveled provides every entrepreneur with a suite of business intelligence, business performance and analytic tools that give you a tangible competitive edge in the marketplace.

Business Valuation

Understanding the value of your business based on your business performance and the performance of your peers is a critical business intelligence data point. C-leveled’s valuation tools use your data to provide a range of assessments, combining our unique approach with various, widely accepted techniques.

Loan Risk Analysis

No matter what side of the lending decision you are on, understanding the risks associated with a specific transaction is a crucial part of your decision to pursue a grant or loan for your business. The C-leveled Loan Risk module is one of the most sophisticated and accurate business intelligence tools available. Using our objective information, we provide you with a solid basis to make the proper decision.

Business Metrics / Key Performance Indicators

Performance measurement validates your business strategy and its implementation.  Your company’s performance against its plan objectives establishes credibility and predictability. C-leveled employs both industry-standard business performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) defined by you and our C-leveled management team.

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