Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Lead Generation and Customer Retention

Attracting quality leads to your website is half the sales battle. Nurturing these leads and turning them into customers is the other half. There is no better solution to lead-nurturing and customer retention than a targeted, effective email marketing campaign.

Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of your inbound marketing effort. It is an extremely affordable and convenient way to bring your customer base relevant and useful communications that influence them to start and  maintain a relationship with your business.  Email marketing campaigns allow for a lot of creativity in your offerings and can encourage sales in a variety of ways, including:

  • Lead Nurturing campaigns help you nurture prospects with valuable, relevant content and lead them through your sales funnel
  • Newsletters that provide your customers with engaging information and helpful tips, with the goal of growing your brand and building trust in your business
  •  Coupons and special deals that encourage customers to give your product or service a try, make an additional purchase or introduce a friend to your business
  • Announcements, invitations to special events and pertinent news on your business that keep customers engaged with you
  •  Promoting your social media pages, website and blogs, while encouraging people to become involved with your business in these ways. This gives you even more opportunity to reach them with future marketing opportunities

We Can Tailor Your Email Marketing Campaign to Meet Your Sales Goals

C-creative starts every email campaign with a thorough assessment of your business, the industry and your business goals. We look at innovative ways to help you use email marketing to maximize your sales potential. Our services include:

  • Strategic lead-nurturing campaigns that harness the power of email to convert prospects into sales-ready leads
  • Custom template design for email newsletters and email campaigns
  • Creation of call-to-action opportunities and graphics that are designed to drive email traffic back to your website/social channels and boost conversion rates
  • Strategies to build your email distribution list
  • Analyzation of campaign statistics and return on investment
If you’re looking for the best email marketing Pittsburgh has to offer then look no further. Contact us to learn more about how email marketing can nurture your leads, retain customers and increase your sales.
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