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  • Executives as a ServiceOpen or Close

    What is a CXO? Sometimes a company needs some senior-level talent to pinch hit or round out the team. As your supplementary c-level team members, we will be your acting CTO, CFO, CMO or HR director. Our C-leveled executives (CXOs) work as an extension of your leadership for specific projects or specific periods of time. Your handpicked CXO will augment your management team with whichever type of expertise you happen to need at the moment. Typical engagements often include multiple CXOs working with you in their various areas of expertise. With EaaS™ you can have the experience and seniority on your team without the expense of a hefty salary, benefits and complicated employment contract.

    Intelligence and Business Strategy

    We conduct quantitative and qualitative research to assess your business performance and see how you stack up against your competition. We identify marketing opportunities, gaps or niches that are strategically aligned with your company’s strengths. Based on our findings, we’ll create a business roadmap to guide you forward.

    We Do Real Work

    At C-leveled, we do not draw the line at giving advice, unless you want us to. More often than not, we roll up our shirt sleeves and work side-by-side with you to execute your plans. Whatever your strategies call for, we will help you do. And we have a whole team of subject matter experts, so we will do most of the work in-house.

    360° Assessment

    A top-down look at each important function of your business helps us identify and evaluate key factors that may be holding you back. We report our findings complete with specific and actionable recommendations for taking your company to the next level.

    Contacts, Influencers and Fund Raising

    C-leveled is well aware that the only reason for a commercial business to exist is to make money while providing customers with something they need or want. To be sustainable you have to do both. Sometimes in the lifecycle of business, you simply need more awareness…more contacts, especially ones with influence. And sometimes you need more capital. In either case, C-leveled can help. We have an entire toolkit of ways to build awareness and understanding of your business. And if the need arises, we can introduce you to our network of capital providers and help prepare you with a pitch.

  • Business FundamentalsOpen or Close

    There is no problem too daunting. Every business faces hurdles sometimes and could benefit from a fresh set of eyes. We can help assess your business performance and see how you stack up against your competition. We can help identify market opportunities, gaps or niches that are strategically aligned with your company strengths. We can help create a business roadmap to guide you forward.

    Business Valuation

    Understanding the value of your business based on your business performance and the performance of your peers is a critical business intelligence data point. C-leveled’s valuation tools use your data to provide a range of assessments, combining our unique approach with various, widely accepted techniques.

    Business Metrics & Key Performance Indicators

    Performance measurement validates your business strategy and its implementation. Your company’s performance against its plan objectives establishes credibility and predictability. C-leveled employs both industry-standard business performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) defined by you and our C-leveled management team.

    Business Transformation

    Profound, radical change happens in every market. When it does, it can take an entrepreneur by surprise. The lines defining your industry can be redrawn overnight, leaving you feeling irrelevant. You can quit, you can sell sub-optimally or you can go back to a blank slate and adapt your business strategy for the new market. We are here to guide your transformation as you tackle the ever-changing marketplace.

    Operational Efficiency & Process

    One of the most limiting factors to business growth and expansion is an inability to move from reactionary and labor intensive early state operating protocols into a process that maximizes your business assets. Failure to be strategic in both your actions and your thinking will impose a ceiling on your business results. Everyone at C-leveled is an entrepreneur who has traversed this challenge and will aid you in accomplishing the shift to proactive operations.

    Product Launch

    Converting an idea into a viable business service or product is akin to perfecting alchemy, which is why most big ideas never materialize into reality. Service and product development, sales/channel strategy refinement, and go-to-market planning are required to convert your basic idea into true gold. We work with you from the initial stage to convert ideas into products, and then into a profitable business. A far cry from what a typical business consultant will do for your business.

  • Branding & DesignOpen or Close

    In 2013, C-leveled acquired Fitting Group, a 27-year-old award-winning branding and marketing agency with a Challenger Brand philosophy and many industry success stories. Now our in-house agency can be your outsourced marketing department if you don’t have one already, or we can function as your full-service advertising agency providing guidance, execution and measurable ROI.

    Brand Spanking®

    The Brand Spanking® Workshop is our 2-day workshop, employing our proprietary Brand Spanking® techniques to quickly develop insight and help coalesce a company’s management team around their brand’s core value proposition. Then we design the best way to communicate it to prospects and customers. Depending on specific needs, some of the services we provide based on what we learn in the workshop include:


    Using our knowledge of behavioral economics and neuroscience, we aid in selecting company and product names that cut through the clutter and stick.


    Using the knowledge gained in workshops and research, we aid a company in perfect positioning for maximum market advantage.

    Internal Stakeholder Inspiration

    We remind our clients that their internal stakeholders, especially the customer-facing members of their teams, are their most important audience for their brands. We help define and communicate a brand’s vision to these all-important ambassadors and show them how they can increasingly make a positive difference.

    Corporate Identity

    Shorthand is increasingly important as our world becomes more and more complex. We thoughtfully design the visual symbolism to best reflect a company’s or product’s value proposition at-a-glance.

    Illustration, Typography & Iconography

    We human beings continue to be bombarded by visual communications in every aspect and every moment of our lives. It takes special talent, creativity and experience to design visual cues that first, get attention and then, can be identified with and contribute to brand affinity. Our creative team is really strong in meaningful graphic design.

  • Digital MediaOpen or Close

    Digital presence and experiential engagement have become the core of how customers find, assess and decide to buy from companies. We are masters at helping our clients put their absolute best foot forward through browser and mobile devices.

    Website & Mobile App Development

    The lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred as many of us have 24/7 access to and from our devices. We want our clients to virtually be in their customers’ hands whenever needed. We put them there with both mobile versions of a website or a totally different mobile experience altogether with specialized apps.

    User Experience & Usability

    While the aesthetic look and feel, plus user experience in the form of ease of navigation, and quality of content are all important, none of that matters if your website doesn’t work for people on-the-go. Having a responsive site that works on mobile devices, or even a completely different one that has tailored functionality for smart phones and tablets is standard operating procedure in today’s market. We won’t let you miss opportunity to capture your prospects.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Online visibility is critical and being highly ranked by search engines could make the difference between success and failure. We weave expert SEO into every site we build and offer ongoing SEO support to make sure you remain top-ranked and top-of-mind. But SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Search algorithms are constantly changing and your have to assume your competition isn’t asleep at the wheel either. Our SEO team is vigilant, smart and dedicated to boosting our client rankings every single day.

    Video & Rich Media Production

    Television and radio are not dead. They have simply been redefined. We now think of them as Video and Audio - more difficult to sort and leverage as choice increases and fragments the audience and convergence blurs the lines between broadcast networks, cable, satellite and broadband streaming. The things that remain constant though - the creative concepts and ideas need to be compelling, entertaining and “sticky”. We consider both the creative content and the best channel for the well-defined target audience when we provide these services to our clients.

  • Customer AcquisitionOpen or Close


    Paid advertising is still an important way to promote your products and services as well as build awareness and understanding of your value proposition. Getting the most out of your advertising dollar requires three important things – knowing exactly who you want to reach, having an engaging and creative message and placing it in just the right media at just the right time. You can depend on our ad team to do all three and do them well.

    Social Media

    The social channels are an important source of customer insight and engagement, for both B-to-C and B-to-B companies. Reputation management, brand reinforcement, trending topics, subject-matter authority and referrals can all be enhanced and amplified with the appropriate monitoring and activity. We help our clients select the right channels, create company pages and suggest, source, post or monitor, depending on the desired level of involvement. We offer a wide range of social media services from planning and guidance to complete, turnkey execution with periodic analyses and reports.

    Content Development

    The written word, not to to mention rich content such as imagery, motion graphics and video are all powerful tools of persuasion. Guided by our client's brand voice and the objectives and goals of the plan, we write, create and include high quality, original and meaningful content to enhance the project.

    Public Relations

    PR has always been about storytelling. Traditionally, organizations have relied on journalists to help tell their stories. But the lines between public relations and media relations have blurred. We’re a connected world 24/7 and there are over 10 million people blogging. Print publications and broadcast channels have been joined by digital magazines, cable, and streaming technologies that are producing original content and offering all kinds of promotional opportunities that didn’t exist 2 years ago.

    Our PR pros are staying abreast of what’s available and assessing the best fit for our clients. They strategize and implement PR plans that help manage our clients’ reputations and augment all other marketing activities so that our clients stay top of mind.

    Tradeshow Planning & Execution

    Tradeshows are expensive so it’s important to protect your investment by carefully planning and perfectly executing the run-up, the event and the follow through. Our philosophy is, if you’re going to spend your resources exhibiting at a conference or tradeshow, take the time to make sure every dollar counts. Plan to attract the maximum number of qualified leads, make your presence memorable and support your sales team in nurturing those leads until they buy. We have experience with helping clients plan and execute their booths at local, regional and even international exhibitions.