Online Paid Advertising (PPC and SEM)

Is Pay Per Click Advertising Right for You?

Depending on your internet marketing needs and the size and scope of your business, you may want to consider investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising methods.

With pay per click, or PPC, advertising, you pay Google and other search engines so that keywords that are relevant to your business will direct users to your website. With pay per click, you pay a certain rate every time someone clicks on your website from the search engine page. PPC advertising allows you to still appear in the organic search listing of search engines but offers a more tactical and streamlined way to achieve high-visibility than the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques of a full-blown inbound marketing campaign.

PPC, if used strategically and only during appropriate times as your business grows and changes, can be very beneficial for attracting prospects to your website.

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business through Pay Per Click Methods

Managing your pay per click (PPC) campaign requires constant monitoring, structuring and analysis of the cost-effectiveness of this method. C-creative will:

  • Perform constant analysis of your business, industry and goals to decide if you can achieve maximum benefit from a PPC campaign, compared to other strategies and, if so, at what time and for how long
  •  Find keywords and phrases that will bring you maximum ROI for your efforts
  •  Create effective landing pages that allow you to achieve maximum lead-nurturing benefit from each click you receive
  •  Plan your pay per click campaign to draw maximum effectiveness from your search engine advertising campaign and vice-versa, where appropriate
  •  Continuous measurement and adjustment of your campaign to maintain effectiveness and achieve ultimate success
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