Advanced Data Analytics Company

Company engaged with C-leveled for its assistance in clarifying a fundamental strategic question that the principals had been debating internally for the previous two years – “Should Company diversify into the private sector? And if so, what is the plan for doing so?” The principals were engaged in a prolonged, thoughtful internal debate regarding the strengths and weaknesses associated with this question and simply couldn’t achieve consensus. Company looked to C-leveled to assist with the new combined business plan and financial model, arbitrate the discussion and provide an informed outside perspective to facilitate in achieving the consensus that the client desired.

Working together over the course of the relationship, Company and C-leveled have achieved significant accomplishments:

  • At the conclusion of the business planning and financial modeling processes, Company decided to proceed with the private sector effort, but in a modified manner. There were a variety of reasons underpinning this decision, including the impact on the CEO’s time allocation, availability of additional technical resources, impact on near-term cash flow and the need to implement a different operational mentality (i.e. shifting from a low mix/high volume to high mix/low volume environment).
  • These conclusions led to a plan to begin an organic marketing process to position the company as a premier provider in the commercial space to attract commercial clients with needs that are consistent with the existing operational environment.
  • After modeling the go-forward, combined organization, and understanding the governance and financial issues associated with raising outside equity, it became clear that more rapidly growing the existing Government business was the most acceptable way to fund the new business initiative.
  • A full set of sales and marketing executions were developed throughout the engagement process, essentially ‘teed up’ for Company to implement when they’re prepared to do so.
  • Identified the tactical marketing plan required to increase both the base business and to support the new product introductions included in the plan.

After the management consulting and business planning aspects of the relationship were completed, the client looked to C-leveled marketing resources to perform the tactical executions required to transform the business plan into business reality.

At the conclusion of the initial engagement with C-leveled, the Company team decided to proceed with the business plan and implement the sales and marketing plans identified through the planning process and engaged C-leveled marketing resources to perform those tasks.

The company Director of Communications shared, “We’re getting excellent reviews about our new website. Including one today from a Business Development professional who commented that he really likes our rollover portraits. He said, ‘they help humanize you brainiacs.’ He’s right, of course!”.