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Boss Controls

C-leveled developed a multi-year business and marketing strategy that involved a three-part execution – develop the company, launch its products, and stimulate growth through distribution channels.

BOSS Controls Atmospheres
BOSS Controls call-to-actions
BOSS Controls mobile site
BOSS Controls Smart Plug
BOSS Controls Atmospheres BOSS Controls call-to-actions BOSS Controls mobile site BOSS Controls Smart Plug

The Challenge

BOSS Controls is an early-stage company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, with a really bright solution. They help commercial property owners increase energy efficiency and reduce costs by giving them the ability to remotely and automatically turn off machines when not in use. They create added value for distribution partners with energy saving smart solutions.

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The Solution

After developing personas for BOSS with a focus on facility managers, we introduced a new go to market message – the Zero Upfront, Zero Risk program. The BOSS solution is turnkey (installation and financing available) with the payback through energy savings beginning in month one. After that, customers are free to keep all the savings themselves. This laid a great foundation. Now, we had to find a smart way to give BOSS a plug with potential customers.

Execution Strategies

  • Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Brand Positioning and Tagline
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales Collateral and Materials
  • Social Media Content Creation and Management
  • Internet Marketing, Email Campaigns and Paid Search Campaigns

Highlight: Social Media

We used social media accounts to create a community of property owners, utilities, universities and strategic partners who could bring a level authority to the company.

It started with a paid Facebook campaign, simple ads designed to build ‘likes’ and bring people to BOSS’s website.

For less than $600, the company’s fan base grew five times, from 473 to 2,100 fans. As a result, we saw the Facebook page’s weekly reach extend to over 13,000.

Continuing our paid Facebook ad strategy, we grew website referrals from Facebook from 25 to 300. Add that in with our efforts on LinkedIn and Twitter, and more than 50% of website referrals came from social media!

Results show that people are not only liking our posts, but also commenting on and sharing our ads. For example, in just one week, for just about $100, we achieved 493 clicks, 1.54% click-through rate, 534 likes, and 87 shares.

These efforts gave BOSS a spike, boosted its reputation and generated leads — all for an exceptionally low output.