Boss Controls

C-leveled began its partnership with BOSS Controls in 2014 when Executives as a Service (EAAS) was first engaged. With CxOs in finance, operations, and marketing C-leveled developed a multi-year business and marketing strategy that involved a three-part execution – develop the company, launch its products, and stimulate growth through distribution channels.

The Challenge

BOSS needed to launch its products, educate the market about the Internet of Things (IoT), and introduce energy savings at the plug load. All three challenges were unique. The audience, also very diverse, ranges from building owners and tenants, to utilities. C-leveled had to execute uniquely in all areas.

The Solutions

C-leveled provides EAAS, CMO and COO, to provide the level of expertise needed to accelerate brand awareness, sales enablement and investment strategy. C-leveled also provides full-service marketing and serves as the company’s bench of marketing professionals.

Using unmatched technology, BOSS is a market leader in real-time energy management and building automation. Getting the word out through trade shows, like IEC, public relations, and strategic partnerships with Cisco and 2030 Districts, including the City of Pittsburgh, helped to validate the company’s position.

C-leveled ‘s marketing team has executed on the following to date:

  • All creative for the company, including website, sales collateral, trade shows, co-op marketing, trade publications and advertising
  • All content development, including public relations, blog posts, social media, case studies, industry publications/editorial
  • All digital outbound marketing: emails, paid social, and paid search
  • Sales support and inside sales enablement through Hubspot (marketing team certified)

The Results


Facebook followers


Monthly emails, 26% average open


Backlinks in one month of PR