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IAM Robotics

IAM Robotics partnered with C-leveled to develop its first business plan, which included strategy, tactics, funding preparation and financial strategy/use of funds. C-leveled worked side-by-side with the CEO to develop a business strategy which was supported by a full brand overhaul.

IAM Robotics home page hero

The Challenge

With warehouse automation on the rise, there are some big players in the space that operate at a very large scale. IAM Robotics runs extremely lean and efficiently and competes with these much larger companies. The problem we sought out to conquer was to build a new brand that projected authority, validity and authenticity. The first step was developing a unique concept to build an identity around. The mission was to convey clean, safe, effective automation in the work place. The end result was to deliver creative execution of a logo, color palette, tone of voice, photography style and finally a new website.

IAM Robotics letterhead
IAM Robotics envelope & business card
IAM Robotics SWIFT material-picking robot

The Solution

The C-leveled creative team worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the management team at IAM Robotics to deliver a polished new brand that speaks to technology, precision, and efficiency. The goal of the logo was to strip away all unnecessary elements and keep only the most necessary. At the conclusion of the process we were left with a mark that conveyed the message at a glance. All other brand materials was designed to support the vision of the concept.

  • Implemented new branding, including a business system with business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, and a fully responsive website
  • Delivered written content for the website to encompass all of the complex solutions that IAM Robotics is delivering
  • Art Directed a full-scale photoshoot. By building an on-site studio to replicate the product environment

Execution Strategies

  • Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Brand Positioning and Tagline
  • Website Design & Development
  • Trade Show Design
  • Sales Collateral and Materials
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Internet Marketing and Email Campaigns

Today, IAM Robotics continues its partnership with C-leveled for ongoing support.