Pittsburgh Technology Council

C-leveled and the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) have been strategic partners since 2010. Supporting and amplifying technology in the region is how we fit together. C-leveled has contributed to the PTC’s publications, events, and sponsorships, and the PTC has offered unmatched services to clients through heightened visibility to enable growth and success.

The Challenge

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has a lot of moving parts: Events, trade shows, awards programs, membership benefits, and sponsorship services like TechVibe Radio – they needed many more sets of hands to accomplish it all. The challenge and ongoing desire is to be able to reach as many people in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area as possible and to grow memberships, engagement, and retention. Leave no business behind!

The Solution

An extended partnership with C-leveled. By working with key PTC staff members weekly, our project management team would identify top priorities, and how we can be a vital extension of their marketing team.

C-leveled would provide regular marketing support inclusive of:

  • Social Media Management – create and manage optimized social posts, social post boosting, and amplifying content that’s followed by more than 2,000 people.
  • Event Marketing Support – creative execution and event day support for the CIO of the Year Awards and CREATE! events. C-leveled introduced new creative for the Council’s annual award recognition through signage at the podium, easels, sponsorship ads, and programs by bringing a consistent and modernized concept. Attending the event to support live social media engagement brought new heights of exposure for the event.
  • Design and Develop a New Blog – this blog is designed to be the main media hub for the Council. Videos, podcasts, TechVibe, TEQ, Made in PA – all housed on one blog, easy to navigate and easy to search content. It contains ad placement, features, and the latest interviews with industry leaders, all with equal weight and priority. This WordPress blog is SEO rich and links to the main homepage, pghtech.org.