Today's Home

What’s changed? How customers receive and consume information has drastically changed over the last decade. There are more “Top 10” DIY blogs about interior design, endless tips on Pinterest, and overwhelming amounts of photos on Instagram, Tweets, Facebook comments and consumer reviews than ever before. Consumers do their homework and make decisions long before ever walking into stores.

The Challenge

Advertising is more alive than ever, thanks to “going mobile” with the smartphone. While television and outdoor advertising continue to be successful mediums, the challenge for this retailer was “how” to diversify and implement digital marketing into their strategy without compromising traffic and sales. Just how to do this – to capture the attention of their newest and maybe toughest demographic, millennials – was the question at large.

The Solution

C-leveled researched and studied traffic to stores and within the stores, assessed current creative, and ROI on advertising. We developed a strategic marketing plan, inclusive of both the Today’s Home and Designer Furniture Outlet brands, and executed on that plan.

  • New branding and creative execution throughout Today’s Home website, newspaper print ads, emails, landing pages, paid social ads, direct mail and magazines, and a complete DFO rebrand
  • Optimized and strong digital presence on all social channels
  • Unique and curated emails and e-newsletters
  • Paid FB ads