Choosing the right SEO Company is critical for any business. SEO or search engine optimization plays a role in almost all your digital marketing efforts.

Sure, SEO is a tactic for driving organic traffic and driving up your rank in the search results. Which, in turn, fuels lead generation for your business. And, it can help lower your paid online advertising costs. SEO touches every aspect of your digital marketing plan and a good digital marketing company leaves no stone unturned.

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The search engines are more sophisticated today. They look at the technical SEO of your site, and they look at your consumer engagement and user experience. Don’t you think hiring the right SEO Company makes sense?

SEO and Your Brand

SEO powers your brand’s online presence. They complement each other in almost all aspects of your digital marketing efforts.

Your brand is present throughout all your marketing and advertising. It is key in establishing trust with your customers. It is a major component of your online marketing strategy. Finding a well rounded Pittsburgh SEO Company makes sense for any local business.

SEO is similar in that it touches all aspects of your brand’s online efforts. It is the underlying foundation that supports your online brand building efforts. SEO is the technical foundation of your blog. It is part of your digital PR and social efforts that drive natural, incoming links. SEO is a component of your online commerce site (if you have one). Its foundation is the keywords most relevant to your consumers and the services you offer. And, SEO is a major component of all the content you write and the design and navigability of your site.

There are not a lot of local brand building or lead generation campaigns that are not intertwined with local SEO. Why not leave it to a professional SEO Company to handle the implementation of this for you?

Pittsburgh SEO Company with Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

digital marketing pyramidAs a full-service digital marketing agency, we believe that SEO is prominent in the six foundational components of building your brand. It is necessary for building your business presence in Pittsburgh PA.

Understanding Your Consumer

Understanding your consumer is the critical starting point for any effective online presence. Creating targeted personas captures all the details of your targeted consumers. The personas are a key component in this process. They help you understand the intent of your prospects at the different stages in their buying cycle. The personas define the needs and pains of your consumers. And, this information drives most, if not all your keyword research.

This keyword research is critical for your search engine optimization to be effective. Know what content your prospects are looking for is crucial. 60% of the modern sales cycle takes place without your company as a part of the process. Knowing where your prospects are doing their own research and what they are looking for is crucial. Your content needs optimized and your brand has a better chance of being a part of a prospects research efforts.

Maximizing and Optimizing Your Platform

If you could shout your message from the rooftops to every one of your prospects, we are sure you would. Online, you have to settle for an optimized platform that serves as the hub of your brand activities online. Not only are there technical SEO items that need implemented, there are local SEO components that need to be in place. This is just as important if you are a local business competing for customers in your local city.

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Writing Authoritative and Cornerstone Content

All your content needs optimized. We have SEO at play again. It plays a role in identifying the best topics for your cornerstone content. It helps build structure around all supporting content. And, it plays a role in elevating your cornerstone content. If you are a local business, making sure you have an optimized local landing page is key.

Making Your Blog Work for You

Part of your content marketing strategy should be creating fresh content on a regular basis. You can update or add to your cornerstone content as needed. Fresh, regularly published content should be published on your blog. This content provides value for your customers and prospects. It elevates your brand’s engagement and authority in the eyes of your site visitors. SEO plays a vital role in every aspect of this content planning and creation. And, you have to provide optimized local content if you are a business competing in your local city. Starting to see a pattern here?

Promoting your Content

And all of your content needs promoted. This could be a blogger covering your brand, a press release that gains traction in the market, social media or paid ads. All these promotion tactics help in driving traffic and links back to your site. This activity bolsters your SEO efforts and grows your brand’s positioning. You become an authority in the eyes of your consumers and the search engines.

Having the Right Offer

Understanding your prospect’s needs leads to providing value and driving conversion. A lead generation tactic that converts well is to offer your prospect valuable content when they visit your website. Maybe it is a downloadable checklist or presentation. It could be a white paper or case study. In and of itself, lead gen and SEO do not appear to have a connection. But, understanding your consumer and the corresponding keyword research are a part of the SEO process. We see the work come to life when your lead generation campaigns are ultra successful. The up front SEO research taught us everything we need to know to provide value to and engage with your target prospects.

Choosing an SEO Company

Yes, it is critical to choose an SEO company that offers local SEO services if you are a local business. Make sure they can build your brand and put a holistic digital marketing strategy in place. Not only do you need a Pittsburgh SEO company, you need a Pittsburgh SEO marketing company. One that can help you in all aspects of your digital marketing efforts.

We have covered why SEO is important to establishing your brand and business in your local market. Now, what about the SEO efforts themselves. Here are some core SEO practices we think you need to know about when choosing a local SEO company.


seo process


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any good SEO campaign. A solid foundation of keywords, tied to your buyers journey, is critical to kick-off any SEO project.

Technical Site and SEO Audit

Understanding our path to success, begins with knowing what we are starting with. A detailed technical and SEO audit helps us identify any issues that could impede our progress. We make sure to address these right away. This exercise gives us our technical SEO blueprint. The goal is to get your site in the best technical shape possible. Now, we have a solid foundation for your brand online.

Competitor Site Audit

Now that we know what we have to tackle with your site, it pays dividends to understand what we are up against. Benchmarking your site allows us to show forward progress. Benchmarking your competitors helps us map the rest of our course and let’s us know exactly what we are up against.

Onsite Optimization

Now that we know the current state of your website, we begin fixing any technical issues we find. We look at target customers, business objectives and keywords to map your site architecture. And, we create the content plan needed to move your site forward.

Incoming Link Audit

Not all links are good for your website SEO efforts. A comprehensive link audit let’s us identify any issues you have with your incoming link profile. We address those as a part of our process also.

Competitor Link Audit

Once again, we have to check out the competitive landscape. This helps us understand the depth and breadth of competitive brand reach. It also helps us build a blueprint to begin getting your brand more exposure and get our link building efforts under way.

Link Building and Digital PR

Once we know the competitive brand presence in the market we begin working to get your brand reach up to par. Knowing where your competitors are getting exposure helps us get you similar and better exposure. Throughout the process is to get your brand and published content the best exposure we can find within your vertical.Citation Management

If you are a local business looking to grow within your area, citation management is vital. We have to make sure that you have a consistent and optimized presence for your brand. We have to have identical information across all citations. This is a critical component of local SEO success. We identify where you have an online presence. We find where your competitors have an online presence. Then we have a blueprint for what we need to do to cleanup and grow your local SEO and brand footprint.

Why not take advantage of our free website and SEO audit? Begin with insights from a professional Pittsburgh SEO company. We know there are a lot of SEO companies to choose from. So why not talk to one of our Pittsburgh SEO consultants and take us for a test drive?

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