Reputation Management

Reputation Management: Ensuring Future Success

You probably already know that, when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, few things are as important to your business stability as your stellar reputation. However, the internet is a double-edged sword that can quickly make – or break – your stronghold in the industry.  This is why you need a professional reputation management strategy that allows you to rapidly counteract negative reviews and promote good ones.

Why Reputation Management is Essential

Did you know that 92% of adult buyers regularly check reviews online before making a purchase, and that 70% of online consumers trust opinions and reviews of people that THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW?* Bad news travels fast online and it can have a devastating impact on your business before you even realize it’s happening.

Consider the following real-world example:

Your internet presence is solid. Your inbound marketing campaign is bringing plenty of leads to your website. You finally have enough business to live comfortably. Then, one day, sales suddenly slow dramatically and you have no idea why. You struggle to understand what happened to your steady stream of leads. Then, while surfing the web, you realize that you are still on top of the rankings but now with only a 2 OUT 5 STARS in your online reviews.

Unfortunately, negative reviews sprout up online all the time, some deserved, some not. You could have the most honest, trustworthy and quality business in the market but one verbose customer who had a slightly-less-than-excellent experience can easily go online and, with one bad review, ruin a chance with many of your future sales prospects. This is why simply having great customer service and producing a great product isn’t enough anymore. You have to manage what people are saying about you online.

Reputation Management Services Can Help

Whether you need help monitoring your online and/or social media feedback, keeping your good reputation intact, capturing positive customer feedback or counteracting damaging online commentary, the pros at C-leveled can help!

Contact us to learn more about how reputation management can drive your leads and increase your sales.