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Website Design and Development

Having a well-branded website that is designed to appeal to visitors and capture qualified leads is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. A strong website presence draws visitors in and induces them to spend time on your site, reviewing your information, clicking on your links and becoming engaged in your business.

Designing Your Website to be a Sales Tool

The goal of your website is obvious: to convert visitors into sales leads and, ultimately, customers. To do this, your website design must incorporate all aspects of inbound marketing in a way that sets you apart from the competition and gives your target market a reason to contact your business. There is an art to having a website that is inviting, informative and influential, all at the same time.

C-leveled can help you harness the power of your website, whether you need a complete redesign or a few tweaks here and there. An effective, sales-driven website should contain the following attributes:

  • Be a continuation of your brand
  • Well-designed and visually-appealing
  • Organized and easy to navigate
  • Contain information that establishes you as an expert in your field
  • Interactive, with plenty of opportunities to capture your visitor’s contact information through call-to-action graphics

Mobile-First Web Design Approach

Since a rapidly increasing number of consumers research services and make purchases on-the-go via smart phones and tablets, staying competitive in today’s market requires expanding your inbound marketing strategy to include mobile devices.

You may think that just having a presence online is enough to boost your business, but if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to load a website from a smart phone, you know that this type of technology requires its own specific design in order to work smoothly. Consumers today want to be able to get answers to their questions and find solutions on demand. If you are not meeting them where they are, which is on their mobile devices, then you are missing an important opportunity to get in front of your prospects.

Mobile devices offer a great opportunity to increase your exposure and solidify your brand. Expertly crafted mobile websites and apps increase your value to your customers and potential customers by allowing them to stay connected to you anytime, anywhere.

While marketing on a mobile device is a very unique part of the entire internet marketing package, it should work in conjunction with the rest of your marketing strategy.

C-leveled experts are well-versed in the mobile market and we can design, for your business, a mobile solution that will help you garner leads and keep you competitive in the industry.