Digital Marketing

For some brands, there is no other marketing than digital marketing. For others, it is integrated with traditional. Either way, we think it is essential for almost every business on the planet.

From Google AdWords to social media engagement and email, the possibilities for marketing in a digital world are endless. Our approach to digital marketing is to first understand how your audience is using the digital channels, your marketing goals and your brand to establish how digital fits into your overall marketing strategy. At C-leveled, the digital channel doesn’t come first, but we know its power – and we want to strategically harness that power to get results.

Our Methods

Lead Generation

Lead generation is essential to any successful sales team, but it’s not just about getting names on a list. It’s about getting the right ones. This is why we focus intently on targeting the right audience with compelling messages that have them wanting to know more.

At C-leveled, our strategy and creative teams work closely together to craft those messages and put them in the most advantageous places driving them to take the actions we desire – making life easier and more efficient for your sales teams. In turn, allows them to do more business. Viola! ROI.

Paid Search

Google is a household word for a reason, and when someone is looking for what you have to offer we’ll want to make sure you’re found. Our paid search team are experts at doing just that. From keyword research to the landing page designed to convert that click to a lead, we design and manage paid search campaigns to generate leads and drive sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Online visibility is crucial to any business. Being highly ranked by search engines could make the difference between success and failure. We weave expert SEO into every site we build and offer ongoing SEO support to make sure you remain top-ranked and top of mind, but SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Search algorithms are constantly changing, and you can bet your competition isn’t asleep at the wheel. Our SEO team is vigilant, smart and dedicated to boosting our clients’ rankings every single day.

Learn more about our search engine optimization services here.

Social Advertising

The paid and organic sides of our social channels are dramatically different and should be used in different ways – and we can help you figure it all out. First, there are all the different channels. Which one to choose depends on where your audience is, how they engage with that particular social platform and what action we want them to take. Then, there is the messaging and creative that will pull attention away from all those cute little kittens to get your audience to receive the message. Believe it or not, we know how to compete with kitties!

From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, we will put the power of social media advertising to work toward your bottom line.

Online Advertising

Paid online advertising is still an important way to promote your products and services as well as build awareness and understanding of your value proposition. Getting the most out of your advertising dollar requires three important things – knowing exactly who you want to reach, having an engaging and creative message and placing it in just the right media at just the right time. You can depend on our ad team to do all three – and do them well.

Subject Matter Authority

In today’s world rich with Google savviness, building an online reputation as an expert in your field could be what sways a prospect to consider you over the competition. And we know all too well how daunting of an undertaking it can seem, especially for a busy entrepreneur who already doesn’t have enough time in the day. However, it is such an important component in the ecosystem of online marketing that it shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it is the online marketing ecosystem itself that makes content marketing so valuable.

At C-leveled, our team is experienced in developing the content strategy, writing compelling, keyword rich content and creating visually appealing graphic representations, from infographics to video. We then amplify it across multiple channels, including social media and other online publishers, all working together to establish you as the authority.

Social Engagement and Customer Insight

Social channels are an important source of customer insight and engagement, for both B-to-C and B-to-B companies. Reputation management, brand reinforcement, trending topics, subject-matter authority and referrals can all be enhanced and amplified with the appropriate monitoring and activity. We help our clients select the right channels, create company pages and suggest, source, post or monitor, depending on the desired level of involvement. We offer a wide range of social media services from planning and guidance to complete, turnkey execution, providing periodic analyses and reports.

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