Find Them and Hold Them Close

Customer Acquisition

Every business needs customers, so whether it’s traditional, digital, strategic or social tactics, we provide comprehensive solutions to help you win and retain customers.

Digital and Traditional Advertising

Paid advertising is still an important way to promote your products and services as well as build awareness and understanding of your value proposition. Getting the most out of your advertising dollar requires three important things – knowing exactly who you want to reach, having an engaging and creative message and placing it in just the right media at just the right time. You can depend on our ad team to do all three, and do them well.

Social Media

The social channels are an important source of customer insight and engagement, for both B-to-C and B-to-B companies. Reputation management, brand reinforcement, trending topics, subject-matter authority and referrals can all be enhanced and amplified with the appropriate monitoring and activity. We help our clients select the right channels, create company pages and suggest, source, post or monitor, depending on the desired level of involvement. We offer a wide range of social media services from planning and guidance to complete, turnkey execution with periodic analyses and reports.

Public Relations

PR has always been about storytelling. Traditionally, organizations have relied on journalists to help tell their stories. But the lines between public relations and media relations have blurred. We’re a connected world 24/7, and there are over ten million people blogging. Print publications and broadcast channels have been joined by digital magazines, cable, and streaming technologies that are producing original content and offering all kinds of promotional opportunities that didn’t exist two years ago. Our PR pros are staying abreast of what’s available and assessing the best fit for our clients. They strategize and implement PR plans that help manage our clients’ reputations and augment all other marketing activities so that our clients stay top of mind.

Tradeshow Planning & Execution

Tradeshows are expensive, so it’s important to leverage your investment by carefully planning and perfectly executing the run-up, the event and the follow through. Our philosophy is, if you’re going to spend your resources exhibiting at a conference or tradeshow, take the time to make sure every dollar counts. Plan to attract the maximum number of qualified leads, make your presence memorable and support your sales team in nurturing those leads until they buy. We have experience with helping clients plan and execute their booths at local, regional and even international exhibitions.

Search Engine Optimization

Online visibility is critical, and being highly ranked by search engines could make the difference between success and failure. We weave expert SEO into every site we build and offer ongoing SEO support to make sure you remain top-ranked and top of mind. But SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Search algorithms are constantly changing, and you should assume your competition isn’t asleep at the wheel either. Our SEO team is vigilant, smart and dedicated to boosting our clients’ rankings every single day.