Marketing Technology

There may be no such thing as a perfect one-size-fits-all customer journey. But there can be perfect journeys. C-leveled provides a personal, authentic, smart, frictionless experience driven by technologies that adapt and react to each customer’s unique needs. We build, integrate and optimize the technologies that drive that better customer experience.

C-Leveled has been a trusted partner to clients across many industries for almost a decade – providing technology solutions such as software integration, commerce and sales enablement, and data analytics. We leverage best-in-class platform partners and our own research to implement the right technology that enables your business success.



C-leveled partners with industry-leading marketing, technology, commerce and analytics platforms to enable powerful customer experiences, connect systems, create efficiencies, and unlock the data and insights that drive business growth.

  • Expert CMS and CRM Implementations
  • Commerce Platform Implementations
  • Marketing Automation Consulting and Integrations
  • Third-Party Platform Integrations


Anything worth doing is worth measuring. The problem is that there is an unlimited amount of data about the customer journey. Our team will work to define what’s worth collecting and configure dashboards that help to inform further optimization of the customer journey.

  • Data Collection Strategy
  • Business Intelligence Platform Integration
  • Dashboard Development
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