What is Your Value Prop and Why Is It Important?

Your value prop is the core advantage your company offers. It’s the key reason someone would buy from you rather than a competitor. Without a value prop, or value proposition, your prospect has no reason to become a customer. After all, if you can’t articulate what a buyer stands to gain from a transaction with… Read more »

7 Telltale Signs You Need a Business Consultant

If you’re running a small business, odds are you’re pretty good at multi-tasking. The fact of the matter is, if you can’t multi-task, you’ll drown. With the large workload the avearge small business owner faces, you need to be able to juggle. And, in addition to all the work you have to do just for your business to… Read more »

Do You Really Need to Be Blogging Every Month?

As you probably know by now, content is the bedrock of any successful inbound marketing campaign. Many marketers believe that you must blog regularly to have any kind of impact. But do you really need to be publishing new content every month? The Importance of Blogging First of all, you need to understand why blogging is so important. If… Read more »

How Often Should You Be Emailing Your Customers?

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. Not only can you use it to further nurture the leads that have opted into your email list, but you can also use it to further increase sales and to develop relationships with current customers. Determining what kind of content to send out to… Read more »

Ways to Start Capturing Email Addresses Today

Do you know which channel outperforms all the rest to drive conversions? Good old-fashioned email. The most impressive statistics on email as a marketing tool are well known: An ROI of about 4,300%. 60% of people say that the special offers they receive are the top reason they subscribe to an email list. 80% of people say… Read more »