Thinking Mobile First for Your Web Design

64% of American adults own and rely to some extent on smartphones. That’s just shy of two-thirds of the entire adult population in the country. These smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to shop, work and play. All day long, they’re on their phone, ready to receive your message. With so many people relying… Read more »

Is Your Website Working as a Sales and Marketing Tool?

At this point, most businesses know the value of a well-designed website. But a well-designed website isn’t necessarily well-designed as a sales and marketing tool. Your site may be aesthetically pleasing and convey key information to visitors, but that’s only half the equation. To make the most of your web presence and make your site… Read more »

Online Reputation Tips Your Business Should Live By

Monitoring and controlling your online reputation is an essential part of growing your business. Consumers research businesses before buying a product or service from them. The internet has become a lifeline for many consumers. So, when faced with a purchasing choice, it’s often the first place they turn for research and opinions. Manage Your Online Reputation… Read more »

The Beginner’s Guide to Networking on LinkedIn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is arguably one of the top prospecting and business development tools available. It has helped salespeople get around the gatekeepers who once blocked their calls, letting them make direct contact with decision makers. That’s great, but just making contact is not enough. LinkedIn is much more than a high-tech rolodex. It’s… Read more »

Welcome to the C-lympics…

We’d like to welcome you to the C-lympics, where we split our office into 2 teams to partake in a series of “friendly” competitions. Our first challenge? To win your votes! Both teams took the time to create a team name, logo, and uniforms. Now, we want YOU to tell us which team you think will… Read more »